Dear fellow blogger

you want your annonymous and i respect that…let’s call you K. K must be very unhappy in her kitchen and with her life (and with not much hobbies) cause for the past fews days she go to all my post (234)for check what I repost from other blogs (with link and images,like people can’t read when it notify that the recipes are not from me but only tested and liked) to let them know I repost it ( like I steal something?!?I think I am more promoting what recipes I liked)

Well she must feel so important and with a specific quest to do ,cause she need to register all of them to let a comment about it.

So seem she is so friendly and I want not to let her spend all her precious time going from post to post on my website (life is short you should also enjoy it ) I volontary close my site. Thank to all of the others who have let me name them (some out there are very nice and sympathic) , comment and have inspire me !good luck with your vegan journey.

Disclaimer : I dont own the love sculture or chicago city, either for the word love , the white and grey color or this picture ...Here   Miss K if you want to report the use of this image also I save you time 🙂